Warning - Chinese hot tubs spas can be a bad choice for you, but also no!

First, we want to fully say that this article is in no way racist. We love China and the cheap products they manufacture. Today they produce and top products. We are also pleased that for some reason continue to lend money to the United States, when in reality, there is no way that we could ever pay back! We are also pleased that we can all buy their great large TV's and high-quality clothing. Therefore, no no racial or political overtones, absolutely not.

Now reality ..... We have recently seen a large increase in purchases of hot tubs that are made in China. Now let's get the record straight .... not all Chinese are bad whirlpools. .... But for many reasons, unfortunately, many Chinese hot tubs are not as good, and many consumers around the world use purchase (or try to buy) Chinese jacuzzi. While some are great and have a good after-sales support in North America, many are not. Period. After all, we are sure that there are some Nigerian princess who recently appeared, and wanted to bank account number, so just sent 50 million dollars in your bank account only that you give them your social security number and information about bank account PIN. This is not the norm (or as hard).


Many users spas have advantages in the hot tubs whirlpool Chinese spas, but how to choose the right hot tub? When you choose American, European or Canadian you will be satisfied, but even that is no guarantee. ...


Frankly, many consumers in North America and Europe have the advantage of it. However, there is a serious problem with many whirlpools producing in China. To make matters worse, some American contractors supply the Chinese company's US components, support them with training and knowledge of how to produce hot tub and enable these Chinese spas that are sold worldwide. The problem is that these Chinese whirlpool - Frankenstein - along with various American units with unregulated production, make havoc worldwide. There are no security checks, there are no regulations approval, there are no import restrictions or controls, and for the most part there are no guarantees.

In other words, many parts suppliers in North America are causing legitimate sale of these spas, remote from those applicable to Canadian and US producer and marketer of hot tubs - and unauthorized use of these whirlpools lower quality ignorant consumers. And hey, these hot tubs are not cheap. Sure, you get what you think a hot tub worth $ 9,000 you get for $ 6,000 - but let's be realistic in - but it's still a lot of money. You should then ask and expect a certain level of quality of the product and the corresponding $ 6,000, right?

Many American manufacturers of spas and consumers that have no idea how serious a problem it is! Many retailers across the world's purchase Chinese hot tubs, and filed in the decision that the equipment and acrylate shell is molded from a high of US suppliers. This gives both sellers as well as consumers unfounded confidence that the high quality whirlpool - where, in fact, everything is far from the truth.

And this is good news! Very bad news is that many vendors spas (as well as their unsuspecting customers) pay large advances some of these Chinese companies - without ever receiving a hot tub! Remember that in China there is no "better business bureau" or department of Consumer Affairs. There are no laboratory. There are no news for consumers and the "Best Buy" awards. Certainly there is some Poolandspa.com and evaluation system "Best of" for the hot tub manufacture in China!


Let's look at some facts in spas:

If you search in a search engine "Chinese jacuzzi" you'll find plenty of suppliers, anywhere. Chinese companies, indicating the particular device manufacturers and manufacturers of special acrylic sheets that are used in the hot tub. In addition, illegally used the argument that these hot tubs are exactly like whirlpools in North America. You have to remember that it is estimated that there are between 30,000 to 40,000 Chinese whirlpools produced every year for the past few years - and it is still up and down. These hot tubs are not certified "UL" (just as our CE) and some even use approval marks the "CE" that either do not exist or are in most cases completely independently regulated.

For example, now, last year were sold to thousands of Chinese spas and through a variety of popular online store. When you view many of these sites, you realize that none of these spas has absolutely no permit and many of them are parts of Chinese and Chinese equipment ... but of course, many are boasting that they have an acrylic shell whirlpool "Made in America" .

To make matters worse, if you continue to search on Google, you will find hundreds of customers around the world have paid different amounts of some of these Chinese companies and did not get them anything, of course, there's no intercontinental police authority, which can about this report. We doubt that the call to Interpol to help you! Only in England are hundreds of thousands of dollars unreturned deposit money of consumers who never received their "benefits" purchased a hot tub.


Not all manufacturers of Chinese hot tubs are bad, they are also good.


Again, not all Chinese producers whirlpools are bad. But be aware that given the current international economic climate, China will sell their hot tubs with US dollars to anyone, whether you are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), distributors, local dealers or consumers whirlpools. And in North America? There are Chinese hot tubs lurking in our gardens? The answer is yes.

In this industry, it was a lot of exhibitions, which were shown Chinese jacuzzi. Believe it or not, many of these spas are for the European market (50 Hz, 60 Hz not to be used in North America), and therefore were unable to work in the US or Canada. Also, many of the spas listed on various fairs were not approved for operation.

We have to ask ..... where consumer protection agencies? Where is the "UL"? How is that even possible? Even children's toys from China, where deficiencies were detected (adverse colors) are immediately removed from store shelves across the country. Nevertheless, the whirlpools that swirl the water electricity, allowed to be sold freely throughout the world without any regulation? That's incredible.

But let's put aside for a while security (if you can). All whirlpools finally broke. Poolandspa.com the e-shop, which each year sells directly to consumers millions of dollars for parts for whirlpools, who need to repair their aging hot tub. Well, I hate to say it, but Poolandspa.com not have access to many of these Chinese parts. Poolandspa.com does not have access to service manuals for these whirlpools. Poolandspa.com not have access to parts manuals for these whirlpools.


Every day, users are disappointed with Jacuzzi hot tubs whirlpool


And you have to understand how many requests from consumers for components we receive every day, who thought they were doing the right thing by buying Chinese hot tubs to save some money during the recession. We can only say, "No, we do not have access to this, the Chinese works." Wow, it diverts customers. We feel for them because they really thought they had made a "good deal" with the purchase of a family hot tub ..... however it must be said that they have to drown thousands more for a whole new system to their "new" whirlpools, if something goes wrong.

This is so unfair. It's unfair for ignorant consumers, it is unfair to legitimate North American producers, whirlpools and it's unfair to untold numbers of parts suppliers around the world who are screaming that they had no spare parts, because they are from so-called. Chinese manufacturers available.

Even very legitimate "big" traders Podlední this situation. Mainly retailers like Home Depot, Sears and Kmart (many of them are advertisers on our website Poolandspa.com - because of the "transparency") also does not know that the products they offer for sale can cause potential problems their clients.

Who is to blame?

So who is the culprit? Well, unfortunately, no concrete - in our opinion. Consumers are looking for "good deals" in this troubling economic times. Great shops just looking for cheaper products that would sell them. Spare parts suppliers just looking for new markets where they sell their parts. The Chinese just looking for what they sell to consumers.

But who are the victims? Now, consumers who have a hot tub that needs parts - and not. Stores that sell these whirlpools and receive no follow-up support market by Chinese manufacturers. A high quality North American and European manufacturers of spas who are trying very hard .... keep their heads above water during these troubling economic times.


What is the answer as a jacuzzi choose.


What is the answer? Well, as always, it is the end user, who then soon find out. Because he at the moment no one can fix a hot tub, no one can get parts for the whirlpool, no one to provide security for such a hot tub and there is no international organization for the protection of consumers, which will help you if you feel that you were deceived Chinese manufacturer of whirlpools.

Again, this article is in no way racist. We actually just as we see it coming day by day. Poolandspa.com spare parts department is on the "front lines" of this battle. And we hear it every day. Consumers who think they have an advantage. Whirlpools vendors who sold products for which it had to pay. Service companies, which screams consumers that are unable to fix the hot tub they have purchased.

So our current recommendations on this whole situation is to look ...... ........ give yourself time for Google to know ........ OK, it means "alert buyer." Just know what you are buying. Be sure what from whom dealers and manufacturers are buying a hot tub. Buy a brand you can trust. Do your research include the Poolandspa.com and SpaSearch.org and APSP.org and other consumer-oriented website about a hot tub, before you make a purchase.

And finally ...... If you think that you get a hot tub in the price of $ 9,000 for $ 3,000, you should think about it. As your mother always said .... "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is true." In this case, you can believe your mother.


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